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1-on-1 online sports performance training to take your game to the next level and become ELITE. Looking to get faster, jump higher, build strength, or just boost overall performance? We got you covered. Hit the link below to begin your free 14 day trial.

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How Online Training With Us Works

Becoming a Faster, Stronger, and More Explosive Athlete Has Never Been Easier.

Every Aspect of Your Journey, All in One Place.

  1. Periodization and Progressive Overload Tracking (No More Excel Sheets)
  2. Detailed Exercise Videos (Perfect Form and Boost Confidence in the Gym)
  3. Meal Plans with Personalized Calories and Macronutrients (MyFitnessPal Integration)
  4. Instant Messaging with your Trainer (24/7 Support Has Never Been Easier)

Elevate Your Game.

We'll curate a training plan specifically designed to maximize your performance. Whether your goals are to get stronger, boost speed, jump higher, jump farther; we'll get you there.

Now is the time to act and take your game to the next level. While your competitors are taking this time to "chill out" and relax, gain an edge with Jb Performance. We will teach you everything you need to do to compete at the collegiate and professional levels

Detailed Exercise Videos

Your workout plan is just a click away. With our advanced online training software, you can view in-depth videos that teach you how to properly execute each and every exercise in your plan. The videos detail form and full range of motion to ensure your safety from day one. If you need more clarification, simply message your trainer for further detail. Stop the guessing and click the button below to get started with your workout plan. 

Flexible Nutrition Plans

At Jb Performance, we don't believe in sacrificing your favorite foods. Our view on nutrition is slightly different - 100% adherence is not necessary. You heard me. You don't need to be on top of your nutrition 100% of the time. You know why? That isn't sustainable. Diets are only temporary. In order to make a life long change, you need to change your lifestyle in a way that allows you to keep your happiness and sanity. Our flexible nutrition plans and 24/7 support will help you make that shift to a more sustainable diet.

Advanced Tracking and Accountability

Our advanced training software does all the leg work for you. We track your nutrient intake, right down to the macros and micros. Your body weight, your body fat percentage, your circumferences, even your progress photos; all stored in one easy to access location. It is easier than ever before to analyze and track your progress. This will keep you motivated as you see your progress unfold before your eyes. We will also notify you if you ever get off track. Miss a workout? We'll let you know. Overindulge? We'll give you a nudge to get back on track. Consistency is by far the most important factor in any training journey. Let us keep you on track.

Start Now, You'll Thank Yourself Later.

Don't hesitate! Click the button below,  join our community and elevate yourself! No risk 14 day free trial - how can you say no to that?

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jordan Millhausen and I created Jb Performance because I have a passion for developing the human body to its maximum physical capacity. I am a certified trainer with NASM and have a NASM PES, specializing in sports performance training.

Online training is a revolutionary method of working with a training professional. This type of training allows you to workout on your time, regardless of trainer schedule, all at a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training. If you are a self-motivated individual, but simply lack the nutrition and workout knowledge, then the virtual space is perfect for you.

Jordan Millhausen

Founder/Head Trainer


Our 7 day risk free trial lets you decide if we are the right fit for your needs.


Our online training is provided on a month-to-month or program-to-program basis. No more long term contracts. Cancel whenever with the click of a button.


Contact us any time of the day via email, text, or live chat and we'll respond immediately. 

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